Horrabridge and neighbours have returned their serving county councillor, Philip Sanders of Tavistock, in a general romp for the Conservative Party.

His strongest rival, former Admiralty man Ric Cheadle of Buckland Monachorum, standing as an independent with a good reputation at parish council level, put up a respectable show and came second. But in the end Mr Sanders had more than twice as many votes – 2,151, representing 45 percent of the turn-out.

Rear Admiral Cheadle got 989 votes, representing 21 percent.

Turn-out was reasonably good, at 42 percent .

There were six candidates in the district known as Yelverton Rural. The Labour Party nominee, who gave an address in North Devon and did not appear to campaign at all round this way, came last, with 332 votes (7 percent). Lucy Wood for the Green Party, also a Buckland councillor, was third in the running, with 511 votes. The Liberal Democrats’ Gail Bones had to settle for coming in ahead of the UKIP candidate, David Pengelly of Bere Alston, by 438 versus 344.

Tavistock was a hold for Debo Sellis, also Conservative, and Devon as a whole looked like a predictor of a Conservative shoo-in at the general election next month. Pundits are saying that the only vote which might unseat Geoffrey Cox for this area would be one for the Liberal Democrats but the Lib Dems have the problem that, like most of the south west, most people round this way voted for Brexit and the national Lib Dem leadership has tied its candidates to the Remain mast.


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