A traffic gridlock in Horrabridge tonight was over in a little over an hour, thanks to a parish council emergency team.

The jam started around 5.30 pm, when police closed the A386 while they dealt with a crash at Grenofen.

Parish councillor Adam Minns hit the blockage from the Tavistock side, got the gist of the situation from a policeman and tried to get home via Plasterdown, but meanwhile traffic from the Plymouth side was also diverting through Horrabridge and causing a jam at the central bridge.

Cllr Minns left his partner with his van and walked down Jordan Lane to help. On the way, he called parish council chairman Paul Beard. And they turned out with Cllr Andy Moorhead and volunteers including musician Sean Lakeman, who lives on the Bedford Green corner.

Between them, they tried to organise a one-way system, with traffic down to the bridge being diverted down Pencreber Road to Chapel Lane, while the uphill traffic used the main street.

It was not perfect but they got a lot of drivers to co-operate and some at the bridge to back up and give way until everyone was moving again and the jam cleared quickly when the police ended the main road closure shortly before 7 pm.

Early indications were that the accident itself, apparently involving a BMW, a Ford and another vehicle, did not produce any serious casualties, but ambulances were involved.

More tomorrow.


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