An African parrot with a reward on its head is on the loose, more than a week after escaping from a house in Tavistock.

Owner Kim Hughes, of Heritage Park, Tavistock, is hoping local walkers can spread the word around their networks.

She is offering £100 for information leading to recapture of Skye, a female African Grey with a blue ring fitted around the left foot. Kim is on 07912 888183.

She aquired the eight-year-old parrot just a couple of months ago, after seeing her advertised for sale by her previous owner, in Ivybridge, who realised she could not give the bird the time she needed. Kim then spent eight hours a day, before and after work, exercising Skye around her flat, singing and playing with her and house-training her.

“She got a piece of my heart very quickly,” says Kim, who works in management for a packaging company in Launceston.

“She  became like a child to me. She is a fantastic personality. She imitates crows, seagulls, all sorts, and she has a distinctive up and down whistle of her own.

” I went to hang some washing out and I was just going to close the patio door behind me when something spooked her and she flew out past me. She stopped on a neighbour’s roof and I thought ‘thank goodness’ but then she took off again.

“She was gathering strength every day she was with me and it is possible she might be trying to get to Ivybridge, although I don’t think she could fly that far yet. The best report I have had so far was from a neighbour who heard her whistle in Kilworthy Park Woods, which run up to Mount Kelly from a few hundred yards behind my house. I was out there until late at night and then back at 5.30 am three days in a row, but nothing.”


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