by Chris Benfield

An evening discussion in the village hall next Tuesday, August 1, looks like being the last chance for a Horrabridge Neighbourhood Plan.

Following the last meeting of a small steering group, chaired by parish councillor Steve Roche, two councillors, Cllr Roche and Eric Hemsil, went for talks with a Dartmoor National Park Authority official.

He argued that the village would be better off working with existing DNPA consultation procedures – and he was clearly quite persuasive, although all options were left open.

There is still some resistance to being talked out of the local plan option before it has been fully explored. But the parish council has to back it and there may be some reluctance on its part to commit to a long and difficult haul with vague benefits if interest in the scheme does not pick up.

The steering group is keen to get as many people as possible to the next open meeting. A lot depends on you being there if at all interested.

Click on the link below to see the steering group circular …



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