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So what’s happening at the Leaping Salmon? New owner Chris Andrews is biding his time in going any more public with his findings and his plans for now, but he is not hotly denying the rumour that he is working towards next Easter for the opening, after encountering a couple of snags.

Interested in fishing? Don’t miss Charlie Webster’s diary, exclusive to the Horrabridge Times, so far, and getting talked about from Burrator to Buckland. See last episode at

What’s happening with Radio Walkham? Paul Hillier, DJ and driving force of the station, has background music loaded and playing at the click of a button at

But so far he is just testing the technology. Live launch still scheduled for the morning of October 2, when he will start to cut his own shows in, along with other selected material. Meanwhile, he already has a long list of volunteers to help and will be holding a meeting for them and anyone else interested in the London Inn this Wednesday (Sept 13) from 7.

Will Plymouth’s new water works affect our rivers? Anglers have been wondering. Word was that the new plant would draw from Plym and Meavy. But the company says the new plant will only take over the extraction licences used by the existing Crownhill works, which will become redundant. That means they can take Plym and Meavy water only from Burrator Reservoir. They can also extract from Tavy and Tamar, but only as they do at the moment.

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