The phone mast proposal for Fillace Park, which might have meant £20,000 to spend on improvements to the recreation fields by the river, has been turned down again – probably for the last time.

An inspector for the Department of Local Government has supported Dartmoor National Park Authority’s decision that the mast would spoil the view.

The decision is good news for some neighbours but bad news for the Horrabridge Recreation Fields Trust, which is struggling to find the money to maintain the village-owned fields.

The planning application was run on their behalf by an organisation representing mobile communications companies, called Shared Access.

After the Dartmoor authority turned dowh the original proposal, the parish council tried to persuade Shared Access to apply for another site on the same fields, back by the trees. But Shared Access thought it would be better off challenging the grounds for the refusal.

The government inspector says he is not convinced that another site would not work – and that possibility remains open in theory. But it would mean starting again with Dartmoor NPA.

A spokeswoman for Shared Access said today that the matter was under discussion and no decision had yet been made.

Andy Stewart, chairman of the Recreation Fields Trust, said: “I am disappointed. A great opportunity to improve mobile coverage in the village and provide much-needed cash for the upkeep of Fillace Park has been lost. The decision leaves the finances of the Recreation Trust in a perilous position.”

The appeal decision can be read in full at


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  1. Excellent news not least because the door has been intentionally left open to ensure a transparent consultation process to secure the real consent of those who would be affected. Perhaps someone who enjoys the confidence of residents could take up the reins for the RT and residents ?

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