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SEWER works coming up next week on Walkhampton Road, corner with Youldon Way, with some disruption from traffic lights predicted for a couple of days – could be awkward at school rush hour.

South West Water say nothing has actually broken but they get “hydraulic overload” in that section after heavy rain and they are replacing 12 metres of main sewer with bigger pipe. Anyone know any more?

Meanwhile salutes to the contractors who have prepared the new Shop Meadow housing’s connection to the mains this week – watched with respect by all the builders in the London Inn, who know it as a tricky job. It means cutting a section out of a live main sewer and fitting a T junction fast as you can, before the hole fills up with stuff you would rather not see.


SALMON on the move in numbers on the Upper Dart at last. Watch out for a report later from our fishing correspondent, Charlie Webster. Meanwhile his third column is well worth a read by anyone trying to understand the art of fly.

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FENCING is more fun in Plymouth than anywhere else, according to Devon Life, because the city fencing club is pioneering a wi-fi system which records a hit without the fencers having to trail wires behind them. See


A ROLL in the bracken is not the experience it once was, according to Moortown farmer Mary Alford, in her diary in the Tavistock Times. Talking about the price of straw, last week, she recalled the days when livestock round this way was bedded on dried bracken, harvested from the moors. Not an option any more, she says – too much litter and dog poo in it.


A THOUGHT from the bar – if some of the money spent on trying to save the Dartmoor pony could be used to subsidise the returnj of horse power to the moor, hauling stone, would that be less humane than trying to sell them as sausage meat?


VILLAGE girl Stephanie Hutchins has been chosen to captain a Devon under-21s cricket team on a tour of South Africa next year. But she is expected to raise £1500 to pay her way. Donate in a minute at

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