Two new flash-on speed warning signs will almost certainly be installed on the A386, at Horrabridge and Grenofen, unless the parish council hears of any objections.

Horrabridge Council and a neighbour, the council for the Plasterdown group of parishes, have been negotiating for some time for a grant for Vehicle Activated Signs at the Old Toll House on Crapstone corner, on the downhill approach to the village, and somewhere in Grenofen too.

The Horrabridge sign would trigger at 30mph and the Grenofen one at 40mph.

Most of the money will come from a taxpayers’ pot called the TAP Fund (Town & Parish Fund), which is for projects which more than one parish agree on for mutual benefit.

The two signs will cost £5,700, from the TAP Fund. The councils would have to pick up a bill for VAT on the transaction and reclaim it in a year’s time. And they would have to pay £100 each for installation.

Horrabridge Council will be asked to approve that at their October meeting but are almost certain to do so.

However, there is a government policy in favour of reducing highway clutter rather than adding to it and there is not much evidence that the new high-tech signs do any more good than the old metal plates.

There is some enthusiasm in the village for cameras to monitor parking. But that would not qualify for TAP funding because it would only benefit one parish.

Councillor Steve Roche, who negotiated the speed signs deal, said: “If it only makes a little difference, it’s the best we can get.”


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