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WHY are the Horrabridge Cavaliers called the Cavaliers? Some significant local historical reason, perhaps?

Chairman John Howells confessed all at a do last Saturday to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the group’s foundation as a bunch of friends prepared to work together to help the village.

They started out digging a big hole, by hand, for a pre-fab swimming pool at the old village school – since built over. The party on Saturday celebrated many memorable projects since.

John admitted that a pint after the work was often an important element in a Cavaliers project and said it was in the pub that he came up with the brilliant idea of calling themselves The Musketeers.

“But I got the word wrong,” he admitted. “And 40 years later, we are still named by drunken mistake.”


AFTER reports of bolshie cows on the moor this summer, The Shed was interested to read the reports from the New Forest about ramblers being attacked by a gang of hoodlum pigs, from the half-wild herds created by farmers letting their stock run loose for acorns.

A witness said: “Absurd as it sounds, it appeared like they were out for trouble – like a gang of teenagers.”

Not that absurd if you ever caught the look in the eye of a big Dartmoor animal, slouching off the road in its own time – knowing that it has the upper hand if you ever get out of that car.


HIGHLIGHTS from the first day of Radio Walkham …

1) Host Paul Hillier putting the English straight on the difference between Davies and Davis … “For D-A-V-I-E-S, the Welsh would say Davis. For D-A-V-I-S they would say Daveys.”

2) Instant success for a ska-style track, I Still Miss You, written and recorded by local band The Kingstons – represented in the studio by drummer Malcolm Bray of The Old Minehouse. It immediately became the station’s first Track Of The Week. All live sessions of Radio Walkham will be available for replay soon. Meanwhile, hear that track on YouTube at


BURRATOR COUNCIL does a good job of keeping an eye on its main road, the B3212, and posting alerts on its Facebook site, with diversion maps, in the case of closure – which seems to be about once every two months, lately. Thanks to them for the tip that it’s all happening again next month – road works between Yelverton and Dousland, meaning closures at night from Oct 30 to Nov 3 and day and night closure Monday and Tuesday Nov. 6 and 7.

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