Parish councillors are hoping for a good attendance on Tuesday (Nov 28) at 7.30, for the presentation by Darmoor Park officers of their revised housing plan.

The issue opens the way to a range of questions about the way the authority works.

The target for Horrabridge amounts to a fairly small number of “affordable” homes over 20 years, but cheap homes tend to come on the back of more profitable developments and some significant areas of land are being given the nod for possible development. One is the riverside land opposite the new Walkham Meadows development and back towards New Park, although there is no sign of a deal in prospect there and flood risk is a problem. Another is land uphill from Youldon Way, where there are old mine holes to worry about. Dostabrook Field, off the Whitchurch Road, seems to be getting a No so far, because flood prevention would involve diverting a stream, although the draft proposals offered to make up for that with access to the riverside.

Meanwhile, smaller schemes still come up against the usual hurdles and the parish councillors are regularly exasperated by the authority being ridiculously pernickety about small things but casual about bigger ones.

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