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Grimstone Manor is indeed a great opportunity for somebody to do something and interest in the auction on December 15, near Saltash, is high. The last owners bought it as a second home but hardly used it and intended to move there eventually but it never worked out. The property laid vacant for too long and recently kids decided to regard it as derelict and set up a camp. That was the break-in off Jordan Lane which the police mentioned very unspecifically a few weeks ago. No damage visible, according to those who have been in since. But it forced the vendors’ hands a bit.

The brochure talks up the possibility of a boutique hotel, which would be great for the village, but there are grumbles that Dartmoor NPA has been awkward about that idea in the past and there is an access issue to resolve. However, nothing that doesn’t sound impossible to overcome, if you have pockets deep enough – and if you have pockets deep enough, you might fancy just having it for yourself of course. Word is the indoor swimming pool needs attention, for a start.

At one point there was an outdoor pool in the front garden, apparently.

In the 80s and 90s, a hippyish consortium tried selling the sort of retreats which are now the specialty at The Old Mine House while they grew their own vegetables and sought enlightenment.

Interesting and complimentary article about them, at the point of the last sale in 2006, at

After that, Farnham Brothers of Yelverton did extensive work for the new owners but few locals have met them.

Local agents are Mansbridge & Balment in Yelverton.

Mansbridge & Balment are also selling the new Shop Meadow development, currently being connected to the mains. A planning wrangle over one corner seems to have faded away and the agents report three out of five sold already. Downsizers and buy-to-let investors are trends in terms of who is looking. Not many first-time buyers. A lot of locals.

Dan Bryant, their Horrabridge agent, tells us: “The market in Horrabridge has continued to strengthen with its location, amenities, improved school, and access onto the A386. We have seen many more high earners looking at the village and it is good to see people looking to move up or down the ladder but stay in the village, because they like it.”

Contact Dan on 01822 855055

Meanwhile the new high-tech build at Hillside certainly looks huge, but impressive, and there was a big imposing house there before. Builder James Batley, a concrete specialist from Cornwall who has been camping on site and refuelling in the London Inn for six hard months, reckons he is ready to roof in December. Still waiting to hear who the new owners are, but it will be a home for family moving from Dousland, plus a mum.


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