Angela Court, owner and driving force of Tavistock Wharf’s music programme, was asked by Ellie Hudson of the Tavistock Times to name her favourite discovery from bands she has booked.

Mrs Court said: “One band that shook us to the core for awesomeness was Cregan & Co, so much so that we had them here for hours after the show, just talking. They were fantastic and off the scale. Jim Cregan is Rod Stewart’s musical director and plays lead guitar in his band. The singer is Ben Mills who was a 2007 X Factor finalist and has an uncanny Rod-style voice. We are hoping to have them back in 2018.”

Rod Stewart himself has said: “Go see them. They’re as good as me at half the price.”

Sample on YouTube at

We would like to hear them trying Only A Hobo, Rod’s superb cover of a Dylan song on the 1970 album Gasoline Alley

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