New dates have now been set for the drain works on the Walkhampton Road, which will block all direct traffic between Horrabridge and Walkhampton.

The housing association responsible for the building work between Walkham Meadows and the Horrabridge allotments, DCH, initially proposed a closure from Monday Jan 29 until Friday March 9, including a week of work which would restrict traffic in and out of the existing Walkham Meadows estate, but not stop it altogether.

Early this week, there was some confusion when the works did not start as scheduled by DCH. The local word was that DCH had got its dates wrong, but DCH said Devon County Council (in the form of Devon Highways) had intervened.

The latest communication from DCH appears to confirm this version of events, although it seems the works will now be completed in half the time originally estimated.

The statement refers to Knowle Terrace, which is what some mapping calls the whole of the road from the edge of Horrabridge across Knowle Down.

It says: “We have just received the authorised licence yesterday and the dates have changed from the initial road closure application. DCC felt that the duration of the road closure was too long.

“The revised dates which have now been approved are as follows:

* Road works at the end of Walkham Meadows commences 12th February 2018 for one week.

* Road closure in Knowle Terrace commences 19th February 2018 for three weeks..

* Yellow advanced notice signs will be placed at either end of the road closure no less than 7 days from the start of the closure.

We can only apologise for the confusion this has caused some residents.”

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