Notes from The Shed (comment from the Horrabridge Times)

Like seemingly most locations in Horrabridge, The Shed picked up a mobile phone on Tuesday night and suddenly found it flashing with unread messages which had been lost in limbo for days and a five-bar signal indicating we could call anyone we wanted without picking up the landline.

The operators of the new mast have confirmed it is now On and not supposed to go off again.

It’s handy, no doubt. But we could have solved all our problems by bothering to use The Shed’s own wireless network. Can’t to be honest say that it will improve our productivity much.

Nowadays, it’s true, tradesmen on the road need the internet all the time, to look things up and fill in time sheets. And families use Instagram and so on to stay in touch. But within the village, most of the time, most of us are not up to anything important which is so high-tech we cannot find a workaround.

The parish council was brave to stand against the clamour and try to involve other players besides the consortium of big comms companies which eventually drove the mast through the planning process, assuming everyone would shut up once it was in and on.

Probably we will.

As pointed out on Horrabridge Noticeboard, the village is not buzzing with complaints about the appearance of it. To most of us who drive past that corner, it does not matter very much. But if you live there, you have had your property affected, without any say in the matter. The planning system is designed to work against neighbours’ objections. But now that most of us are connected somehow, it might be time to ask why there is still such a need to rush.

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