The place to be for breakfast this week has been the Leaping Salmon cafe, which started warming the new kitchens up on Tuesday at 8 am.

Should be open until at least 3 daily from here on except Sundays and Mondays.

The tasters on offer first day this week included some nice patisserie and toast and jam, £2, which was home-made jam on home-made bread.

Sausage rolls and sandwiches already added to the menu and fuller breakfast and lunch menus are promised for next week.

Early August, hopefully first week in August, is the latest estimate for opening the pub and dining rooms – Tuesdays to Sundays, not Mondays.

Meanwhile, a mile up the road, the other new players on the local pub scene are celebrating a good first half-year at the Walkhampton Inn after its three-year closure.

As at the Salmon, the set-up is father running the building and the finance and son running the business day to day.

Fred Andrews, 28, son of Chris Andrews of Sortridge, will be host at the Salmon, working alongside former schoolmate Max Phillips. At the Walkie,Frazer Reed, 25, is backed by his dad, Chris, a veteran of the catering trade, and a brother, Declan, helps with the business promotion.

Frazer identifies social media as one of the factors which has changed the market since the only news about pubs was another one closing.

“If we push an event on Facebook and so on, we see the results,” he said this week. “Even before we are fully re-acknowledged by TripAdvisor and so on, we can get local interest by being a bit imaginative. That is what we were after – the tourists will always come but we need local support. And so far, we have been given it beyond our expectations.”

The pub is running a Dutch Indonesian menu this weekend, Friday to Sunday, from chef Sam Radcliffe, who grew up in Walkhampton and last worked at the Fox & Hounds in Lydford.

Frazer said: “The kitchen has played a big part in getting us this far. But the bar has done surprisingly well too.”

At the London Inn, Punch Taverns tenant Mike Huda is keeping his plans to himself, apart from advertising another outside event in collaboration with Radio Walkham – a Party In The Park on August 4.

PS: There are no signs to say so, but the Walkhampton Inn is okay for parking so far thanks to village hall allowing parking with discretion when there is no room at the inn corner.

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