The new owners of Magpie Leisure Park have opened a second front in their attempt to expand use of the park.

Barton Park Estates of Plymouth are appealing against DNPA refusal of a certificate of lawfulness for up to 80 mobile homes, which they would lease as permanent residences for the over-50s.

Meanwhile, they are making an alternative claim on similar grounds – that previous planning permissions and established useage mean they already have a legal right to run up to 18 residential vans, 18 static vans for holiday lets, 30 touring caravan spaces and 16 holiday chalets – a total of 82 sites, which would apparently be more than double current use.

The applicants are making a complicated case based on precedents elsewhere and loose definitions of what a caravan is. The park authority is wary of giving in for fear of opening the way to more consolidation of holiday sites as permanent estates.

Objectors to this particular scheme include Horrabridge parish councillor Christine Edmondson. Public consultation is open until February 6.

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Dramatic views of the moon – huge, close and blood-red – should be visible from here in the early hours of Monday morning. For more, click HERE


Nine days ago, on Weds Jan 8, villager Lee Spencer launched his boat Hope into the Atlantic at Portimau, Portugal, and set out to row 3,500 miles to Cayenne in South America – hoping to break the 96-day record for a solo Transatlantic row but anyway to show what a man can still do after losing a leg.

This a summary of his first week’s log, as posted for him at and on the Facebook page of the Horrabridge Combined Service Group …


Difficult first night, battling crosswinds, but joined by a pod of dolphins at 4 am. At about 5.30am, an alarm went off because there was a container ship way too close. Frantic attempts to call the ship went unanswered but thankfully another ship in the vicinity informed the closer one, which altered it’s course. Really quite close and pretty nerve-wracking. Now the wind has changed and is helping.


In the last 24 hours covered 52.1 nautical miles. Target is 50 to 60 miles a day. Very cold, once the sun has gone down. But that will all change in about a week.


Everything going well. Seasickness subsiding. Being alone is also feeling alright. 64 nautical miles in 24 hours.


Bad night, with various technical issues and bad sickness and diarrhoea. Paused rowing after covering 43 nautical miles, to talk with technical support and wait for the illness to subside.


Feeling better and back into the rowing routine. But navigation system going in and out.


A year to the day since I postponed the row when my mum was taken ill and she died while I was flying home. She would have been proud to see me now, on my way.


Covered 35.5 n miles. Thanked Ben Fogle and James Cracknell for messages of support. Spotted a “Donald Trump turtle” – orange and slimy.

                                 Lee Spencer and his mum, Gina.

* Get a taste of how Lee is feeling by trying the rowing machine challenge in the London Inn – or just watch and make a donation.

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