Loose handbrake caused power cut

Villagers in the Church Corner area  lost their electricity for 20 minutes on Thursday night – a startling outage nowadays, thanks to circuitry which will automatically find a way round most faults in a matter of seconds.

Western Power Distribution said later: “A car rolled down a hill and hit a house with a service cable running down the side of it. We isolated supplies and fuses for safety while the car was removed. Seventy customers were without power from 22:20 to 22:40.”

Lee smells land

Lee Spencer could be back on land by Monday night, with a spectacular new rowing record in the bag.

Or he could be drifting back out to sea while his wife and son wait in South America to accompany him home to Horrabridge.

At midnight on Wednesday, Lee was just over 250 miles from Cayenne, his destination in French Guiana, and he has been been averaging 50-55 nautical miles a day. A nautical mile equals one degree of latitude and is roughly 10 percent further than a walker’s mile. In theory, it looked possible he could arrive any time between this Sunday lunchtime and Monday morning and knock a month off the existing Transatlantic crossing record.

He was, however, exhausted and struggling with winds pushing him in the wrong direction and was reminding himself and the watching world that: “Everything can change in one wave.”

Salute him by donating to disabled service personnel HERE

* Lee’s log this week revealed he has been taking comfort from a surprising source – Melvyn Bragg. Podcasts of the In Our Time series are among his favourites and Lee has sent home recommendations for the discussions on Richard lll, the Baltic Crusaders and Daoism in particular.

Coming up round yer …

* FRIDAY March 8: Oscar-winning film Bohemian Rhapsody at Calstock Arts. And Clearbrook Village Hall continues its support for touring theatres with a one-night booking for the company Anonymous Is A Woman, presenting It Is Now – a comedy set on World Cup final day, 1966, with music of the time, 7.30 pm.

Also, The Tavonians’ latest tour, with light drama Humble Boy, comes home to Tavistock Town Hall, 7.30

* SATURDAY March 9: Veteran rock guitarist Steve “Boltz” Bolton (ex backing for Who, Bowie, Paul Young, Atomic Rooster, etc) at the Leaping Salmon, 8.30 pm on. Sample him HERE

Castle Drogo re-opens, finally clear of the scaffolding and plastic which have enveloped it during restoration work. The grand old folly was built, between 1911 and 1930, by Julius Drewe, founder of the old Home & Colonial stores chain.

Saturday night, Yelverton Cinema continues its occasional “alt.cinema” club with The Party, a satirical comedy

* MONDAY March 11: Opening night of Club Tropicana, a 1980s musical running at Theatre Royal, Plymouth, all week.

* TUESDAY March 12: An Uncommon History – the story of Plasterdown by local historian Simon Thompson at TASS centre, near Tavistock bus station, 11 am.

Also Horrabridge Parish Council’s monthly meeting. 7.30 pm.

* FRIDAY March 15: Ardal O’Hanlon, once the fool in Father Ted, now the genius of Death In Paradise, brings his solo act to Exeter Northcott Theatre.

And the Tavonians hit Meavy with their touring production of Humble Boy.

* AND LATER: St Peter’s Church, Meavy, has booked classical guitarist Alison Smith for a fund-raising concert there on Sat. April 6. Sample her HERE

For other local announcements, and new Cartoon Of The Week, see our Postboard page HERE

The great dog dirt debate

Dog muck is back on the agenda for Horrabridge Parish Council on Tuesday, following complaints from the village football club about the amount left unscooped on and around the pitches of Fillace Park – some, allegedly, thanks to visitors who drive there especially to let their dogs run on the fields.

The councillors are also considering requests for a new light in Fillace Park and somebody is bound to draw their attention to the solution reported HERE

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