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Horrabridge Council is shopping for a new truck. The one bought for £2995 five years ago is “finished” and barely  worth a new MoT in October, the council was told this week.

Cllr Mike Huda, who looked into it, said in view of garage bills and depreciation, it would be cheaper to lease a new one at £270 a month plus VAT – but he would not like to hear the public reaction to to a brand-new 4WD in parish council colours.

It was agreed to look for another second-hand vehicle – probably a more expensive one this time.

The truck does low mileage and its most essential function is ferrying the council mower, it was said. Cutting grass is the handyman’s main job and half the complaints the council gets are about the mowing of the burial ground. They spent some time on the subject this week.

Paul Beard, who supervises the work, said the cemetery was better kept than most and families had to do their bit. But Eric Hemsil, newly back in the chairman’s role, said the overall look was not good enough and it might be necessary to put up plot charges so the handyman can put in more hours. Cllr Beard was asked to look into it.

A grand plan to overhaul paths and benches in the village parks resurfaced on this week’s agenda, after being shelved two months ago when questions were raised about the need for it. This time, it was agreed to drop a plan to remake the footpath by the stream through Fillace Park but to get estimates for any other jobs required and apply for a grant for match-funding, subject to review of likely costs at next meeting, on Tuesday July 9. The original target figure for spending was £15,000, including any grant. But there is not yet any detailed plan or estimate.

Meanwhile, it was agreed this week, on Cllr Beard’s recommendation, to pay a contractor £1,500 to cut branches overhanging the Fillace Park path. He said they were not the council’s trees but the council could be liable if there was an accident.

Also …

* The clerk was asked to write to Devon Highways about an urgent need for repairs to the Tilly Bridge.

* The Women’s Institute has offered to pay for a 100th anniversary seat in Weir Park and it was decided to make way for it by taking out the worst of the old seats.

* A member of the public said the bench on Bedford Green was at least as dangerous as the trees in Fillace Park.

* Cllr Andy Moorhead asked villagers to take note that it had cost them nearly £300 for a skip to remove rubbish dumped behind the Fillace Park pavilion.

The new Burrator Ward representative on West Devon Council, Tim Bolton, said the newly elected borough council’s first policy decision was to examine every new proposal through a “green” filter – and they would be looking to their parish councils to do the same.

The councillors then heard about an offer from the scouts to provide home-made poo-bag dispensers in dog-messy areas. Some liked the idea. But the council recently decided against supplying free bags in Fillace Park, because it seemed unlikely to change anything much. And it was suggested from the public benches this week that in view of Cllr Bolton’s message, they should think twice about putting more plastic bags into the environment, even if the Scouts did it for them. A decision was deferred until next month.

Cllr Hemsil said the advertising hoarding set up in Weir Park, with posters for Radio Walkham’s Party In The Park on August 3, had not been authorised and he would be having a word about it. Cllr Mike Huda said the London Inn was involved in the event but had nothing to do with the posters.

The concert is scheduled to run from noon to 8 pm. Headline act so far is Jessica & The Rabbits, from Plymouth. Sample them HERE

See a poster for the event on our Postboard page HERE


It has not yet shown up on Horrabridge PC’s agenda but will do soon – a new application to build on one of the village’s prime plots, overlooking Weir Park.

The owners of the old sheep paddock on Fillace Lane, between the Leaping Salmon carpark and the bungalows next to the youth club, withdrew their last application for second thoughts, after the parish council objected to it. Now they are back with a plan for one four-bedroom house and two two-beds – application number 0238/19 on the Dartmoor NPA website.

See the main plan by clicking link below …



An awkward few days coming up, with the A386 closed between Yelverton and Roborough, for resurfacing, from 7 pm to 7 am nightly, from Monday to Friday next week.

Buses will be allowed through, although delays are likely. But other traffic to and from Plymouth is being advised to divert through Cornwall, because diversion roads have to be suitable for lorries. There is nothing to stop motorists with local knowledge going around through Cadover Bridge or Lopwell.

For lesser roadworks – oh, and a free house for a deserving person – see our Postboard page HERE


Friday June 14

The Nine In Seven Art Trail offers a chance to visit nine local artists in seven studio spaces over this weekend, Friday June 14 to Sunday June 16 – including Robin Armstrong, Cheri Hunston and Hilary Carter-Woodgate in Horrabridge and others in Yelverton, Crapstone and Bere Alston. Lessons included in some cases, by pre-arrangement. Pick up a leaflet at Wildwood Arts on Chapel Lane.

Saturday June 15

Meavy Oak Fair.

Sunday June 16

Classic Car Day at Morwellham.

Monday June 17

Quarterly antiques and collectables sale at Drakes of Tavistock.

Tuesday June 18

Big event for sheep farmers and sheep fans at Burrington, North Devon. Google Sheep South West for details or click HERE

Saturday June 22

Horrabridge Summer Fair.

And beyond …

Just entered into our What’s On calendar – The Pixies at Plymouth Pavilions in September, Eddie Izzard in October and Susan Boyle in March 2020.

For more events and more details, check our What’s On calendar, regularly updated, at



Here in The Shed, home of the Horrabridge Times, we are hoping our families noticed the Telegraph article on very gentleman’s aftershaves suitable for Fathers Day, which included a recommendation for Tonnerre, £115 a bottle from Beaufort of London – “inspired by the Battle of Trafalgar – smells of gunpowder smoke, sea spray and brandy”. Might interest a matelot or two as well as the ladies, we suppose, but got to be tried.

The Shed is back a bit and off to the left from the picture below, a Dartmoor scene by Yelverton-based Shirley Kirkcaldy

allfornow …

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