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The Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall will be stopping in Tavistock on Tuesday, as part of a West Country tour.

The visit accounts for some surprisingly stiff traffic and parking restrictions during the Tavistock Festival of Food & Craft on Monday and Tuesday (July 15-16, 2019). Anybody who doesn’t care about either event would be best putting off town errands until Wednesday.

However, it will be possible to get to the main carparks and walk from there to the barriers around Bedford Square, where Charles and Camilla will start their walkabout in the early afternoon of Tuesday – the only clue to timing which their minders will allow. Buses are expected to run more or less normally from this direction.

The couple will tour the farmers’ market in the square, then go into the pannier market and on into the Butchers Hall for a reception. Only an approved party will accompany them indoors but they will re-emerge in public before heading off to Lostwithiel, to meet Duchy staff and tenants at a Duchy plant nursery. It is 50 years since Prince Charles became Duke of Cornwall, at the age of 21.

Their tour starts in Cornwall on Monday, with calls at Mevagissey, Boscastle and the Eden Project near Par. On Tuesday they will call at the Ginsters pasty factory in Callington, also celebrating a 50th anniversary, before the visits to Tavistock and Lostwithiel. On Wednesday they will go to Cullompton, Sidmouth and Minehead.

See Tavistock Town Council website for details of road closures and parking bans.

Proper stuff:

The royal visitors will have their attention drawn to the nice finish around Tavistock Market, with a “heritage” surface in between the stone setts. The first write-ups suggested there was some modern improvement in it but far as we can make out, it is classic “hoggett” – a manor-house driveway kind of mix of clay, sand and gravel. It’ll scuff a bit and it’ll need weeding eventually but it’s easily renewed and it drains. And it’s probably what the market yard was like when it first opened, we are told. Any builders round here can talk about the mix?

Junction Problems Ahead:

There could be delays around the main-road junction from Tues. July 23 to Fri. July 26, due to a complete resurfacing of Torbridge Road, with works spilling onto Graybridge Road just below the A386 crossroads.

Devon Highways contractors will be bringing lights to control the traffic and are warning that delays are “possible”.

Horrabridge Parish Council has been warned of the works but is unlikely to be able to help much.

Meanwhile, HPC has been asked to call in a Highways representative to look at complaints about parking, and requests for more yellow lines, at the Pencreber-Graybridge junction and between the school and Walkham Meadows.

Horrabridge Parish Council:

At its July meeting, on Tuesday, HPC …

Decided to spend £6,500 on a new truck, with 73,000 miles on the clock. Also to buy a chainsaw and kit if the handyman would agree to go on a course to use it.

Left it to Dartmoor National Park Authority to deal with objections to new houses on Fillace Lane, between London Inn and youth club.

Pressed on with plans to spend “several thousand” on improving the path into Fillace Park from the bridge over the beck on Walkhampton Road. Some councillors wanted to move a section of the path to the other side of the stream; some thought resurfacing the existing path would do. Quotes to be got for both options.

Postponed a decision on whether to get the Scouts to instal free poo-bag dispensers around the village.

Appointed Cllr Steve Roche to start co-ordinating plans for the next Beating Of The Bounds, in September 2020.

Voted to cut down a big willow in Weir Park because a tree surgeon has said it is in poor condition.

Got a quote, for insurance purposes, for rebuilding of the parish hall – £390,852.

Agreed to allow use of the Fillace Park carpark for the Mad Dog Mcrea & Friends concert on September 28 – but not the fields.

Get tickets for that event HERE

Walling Course Call:

The Dartmoor Hill Farm Project is looking for volunteers to learn about drystone walling while helping to rebuild one, at Merrivale, July 18-19. Costs £60. Call 01822 890913 or email

Attention snappers:

South West Lakes Trust is running a summer competition, with cash prizes, for photos useful to its work –


Posh Property Peek:

For details of what you could buy for £1.6 million, see sales catalogue for Holwell Manor, edge of the moor above Whitchurch:


Noted in The Shed:

In the course of the leadership debate, somebody quoted General Sir Alan Brooke, chief of the Imperial General Staff in 1944, who came out of a meeting with the Prime Minister of the day and wrote in his diary : “He knows no details, has only got half the picture in his mind, talks absurdities and makes my blood boil to listen to his nonsense.

“I find it hard to remain civil.

“The wonder is that three quarters of the population of the world imagine that Winston Churchill is one of the great strategists of history – a second Marlborough – and the other quarter have no conception what a public menace he is.”

What’s On:

Saturday night – The Cavaliers’ big quiz night at the school and The Piano Man, Trevor Woodison, revivalist of the old-fashioned sing-song night, is back at the Leaping Salmon. See poster on our Postboard page HERE

And for more event listings, for the rest of the summer, find the Horrabridge Times calendar HERE

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  1. It’s about time something was done about the junction at Pencreber, Graybridge. It is very dangerous, and an accident waiting to happen. You just can’t see traffic coming up the hill or traffic coming down the hill because of cars etc blocking your view.

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