Farewell gathering for Rev. Capt. Gary & Mrs Shirley in village hall 7-9, with cash bar and free canapes, all welcome.



ZZ- looking duo with the name Dew Barf – Cornish for Two Beards, allegedly – booked for early start at the Leaping Salmon on Sunday, August 18 2019. Two music scene vets from Liskeard, well liked round there. Hear em on 16 Tons HERE

The Shed thinks it was Merle Travis not Merle Haggard who wrote the song, like it says on the clip. But great take on it.



The Sidmouth Folk Festival had a couple of hundred morris dancers surplus to requirements, as usual. But it was pleasant enough until the weather cut it suddenly short and there were good things going off in between the main calendar events. The Shed’s favourite find was The Old Time Rags, a show featuring a one-man band and a tapdancing singer who is also a whiz with the spoons, currently touring the country from Leeds, where they got together.

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The dancing, on a board, to ragtime kind of music, is an interesting twist on the stepdancing to traditional folk tunes which Dartmoor agencies have been seeking to revive – especially further afield than Chagford and neighbours. There was talk at one point of arranging a karaoke stepdance competition in Horrabridge. It still could happen. Practice your moves on a board about 20 inches square – and there’s a £50 prize for the best local video. Details when worked out. But all kinds of music eligible.



Horrabridge Rangers still building a mixed over-50s squad for walking football – good exercise and good fun for now, possibly a bit of competition later. Alternate Sunday mornings from 10 am. Call Allan Yeo on 853831.

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