The church has pulled together a nice collection of local scenes for its second Horrabridge Calendar, being sold for a fiver at the village market this Saturday (Sept 7) and then through the Friends of St John’s.

Max Law, a well-published wildlife photographer who has been living here past few years, donated several, including this one, of a dipper collecting nest material on the Walkham.

Some of his pictures are available as general purpose greetings cards through Maxwell Law Photography and some of his prints are generally on show at Wildwood Arts.


Other photos featured are by Jennie Dunstan, who organised the publishing, Mary Lyddon, Alan Deans and Will Blake.




Pictured at the Sampford Spiney & Whitchurch Sheepdog Trials: Allan Wager of Plymouth and  his  1967 McCormick International, built in Doncaster but designed in America for a European roll-out. The gearbox design was a bit of one-upmanship in the ploughing world for a long time.


The Tavonians have announced their winter tour, a highlight of the amdram year  …

The publicity says …

Brontë by Polly Teale dramatically illustrates the highs and lows the family experienced from 1845 when the sisters’ brother Branwell returned home in disgrace, plagued by his addictions. bringing turmoil to the household. Throughout this period each of the young women continued to write their now famous stories, using their own lives and shared experiences to create their brilliant characters. Polly Teale’s clever dramatisation matches the creative genius of the three sisters and the anguish they each experience, suffering the highs of success and the lows of their losses, whilst bringing the characters to life.

Tickets are available from local ticket outlets and online at www.tavonians.org.uk. On several evenings there will be food and drink available before the performance and during the interval, making the evening into a social event. Full details will be available on the Tavonians’ website.

Poster goes here …


Coming up sooner …

Widecombe Fair on Tuesday 10th.

A lesson in tea, £20 a head, Moorland Garden Hotel, Friday 13th evening.

Apple Day at Cotehele, Sat 14th.

For more what’s on, see our CALENDAR – and make sure your events are in it.



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A Devonshire blogger, Nick Poskett, at mustgetoutmore.org, has pinned down the four corners of Devon, as in far north, far west, far east and far south from a midpoint in terms of land area – which turns out to be a place called Hittisleigh, Exeter way. North is Countisbury, near Lynmouth, EX35 6NE. South is East Prawle, near Kingsbridge, TQ7 2BY. East is Hawkchurch, near Axminster, but it used to be Dorset and purists might want to choose an old Devon contender, Harcombe Bottom, DT7 3RN.  Westernmost is Lundy Island but on the mainland it is a point on the Cornish border called Welcombe.


Much praise being generated for a new film from Cornwall, likely to be at your local indie arts venue soon – Bait, made by Mark Jenkin of Newlyn and starring Edward Rowe, better known so far for his comedy act as The Kernow King ( had a YouTube hit with Camborne Maids, sung to the tune of Uptown Girl).


A member of The Shed once went to a farmers conference where a Yorkshireman analysed the weather reports he and his dad and his grandads had kept for a couple of centuries and concluded that if you took a long enough view, nothing much had changed. Over the course of enough decades, you got fire and flood, ice and storm, heaven and hell, roughly as you did for the same length of time before that. So we were interested to see a report on the records of Beaune, in France, which include the date the grape harvest started going back to 1354. Climate change investigators have been checking and they report that the date did not vary much from September 28 until 1987, since when it has been September 15 on average. Global warming? Maybe. But the Beaune records also suggest their hottest summer ever was 1540. Make of all that what you can …


Latest on the Tavistock Minor Injuries Unit is good and bad. It is not likely that the closure will be permanent. But opening hours, at least, are up for reconsideration.


allfornow …

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