standing up for  public bar support for England: Frazer Reed at The Walkie

The Rugby World Cup starts next weekend and the area’s pubs are considering how to meet demand for live tv events coming in during morning hours from Japan.


Strictly speaking, they should register a Temporary Event Notice with the licensing authority every time they open their doors before noon.


But they could easily spend a year’s ration of one-off licences just on the home nations games.


And they have to pay an administration fee of £25 a time if they want the freedom to sell a beer.


In the past, for special events, the government has announced a free pass for pub parties. But lately, what with other business in the House of Commons, this latest small opportunity to cheer up the nation has so far been missed.


However, there is still a last-minute chance of a special dispensation, thanks to Frazer Reed, manager at the Walkhampton Inn.

He wrote to our MP, Geoffrey Cox, complaining about having to pay £25 to show an England game at breakfast time.

And Mr Cox took a break from Brexit to say he agreed – and to offer a legal argument in favour of a bit of a party. Which coming from the Attorney General , looked useful.


He told the Horrabridge Times: “Temporary Event Notices were designed to reduce the unnecessary bureaucratic burdens of the licensing process without undermining the four objectives of the Licensing Act 2003: the prevention of crime and disorder, public safety, prevention of public nuisance and the protection of children from harm. However, I fully appreciate the concern of publicans at having to apply for 10 to 15 TEN’s to be able to screen the Rugby World Cup.

“I understand that legislation to allow for additional licensing hours nationwide has been put in place previously for events such as the 2014 FIFA World Cup and the 2018 Royal Wedding, and I have therefore approached the Home Office to ask whether such a provision might be given to the Rugby World Cup.”

Meanwhile, Frazer is keeping his options open and so are most other locals.


He said start of this week: “There are great games on right from the start, like New Zealand v. South Africa on the first Sunday morning, and I’d like to be open for quite a lot of them. I’m grateful to Mr Cox for paying attention in the middle of everything else he has going on. Here’s hoping it gets to the right people in time.”


The 48 games in the tournament will all be shown through the universal ITV channels and on catch-up through the ITV Hub, starting with Japan v Russia on Sat Sept 20 and Australia v Fiji, France v Argentina and New Zealand v South Africa on Sun Sept 21. Full programme HERE


Horrabridge Parish Council this week …

* Approved an offer by a chainsaw artist to make a bench out of the stump of the “Old Granfer” oak, by the river in the north west corner of Fillace Park. Approved the hire of Paul Bozacki and lifting machinery to instal a heavy granite bench, from Women’s Institute, in Weir Park. Agreed to get quotes for another new bench, in recess of the park wall, coming up to the bridge, where there used to be one.

* Set aside nearly £1,000 to pay for a planning application for a new pavilion in Fillace Park – after Cllr Steve Roche said they were close to agreement with Horrabridge Rangers on a design and a programme.

* Paid a bill for nearly £600 to Leg O’Mutton Garage for fitting a new cam belt on the council’s new truck – a 70,000-mile service recommendation which turned out not to have been already done when they did a deal for it six weeks ago.

* Set up an Open Spaces Working Party to oversee the scheduling of maintenance work, rather than leaving it to one or two councillors to make the decisions most of the time.

* HPC was told that Dartmoor National Park Authority appeared to be writing new conditions into planning permissions for extensions and outbuildings to try to stop people developing second properties by stealth. Cllr Steve Roche said he was pleased to see it.

* It was decided not to allow any more makeshift advertising hoardings in Weir Park, because of the difficulty of deciding what and when would be suitable.

* Council shrugged acceptance of British Telecom’s proposal to remove the two remaining phone boxes in the village. Chairman Eric Hemsil said BT only gave one choice – keep them being used as telecoms points or have them taken out. Other uses are impossible to organise.

* They took up an offer by Cllr Mike Huda to organise a London Inn working party to smooth the access to the village hall for the benefit of the disabled.

* Fixed some hedge-trimming including the roadside edge of the allotments, on Cllr Moorhead’s recommendation.

*Excluded press and public for a private discussion about alleged harassment of the council by a member of the public, not named.

* Will meet again on October 8.

More on all these matters later. Keep in touch with the Horrabridge Times.

Heads up this week for …

Lamerton Tractor Day on Sunday 15th.

Tickets on sale at Meavy for concertina king Geoff Lakeman playing with Rob Murch, banjo man of the Dartmoor Pixie Band, on Sept. 20.

Yelverton cinema and Meavy cinema both have shows this Saturday.

It’s apple season – a month of orchard tours, pressing demonstrations, communal juicing parties and the laying down of cider. Cotehele and Lydford Gorge have special programmes. Best local place to take apples and get back juice is Bere Ferrers, later this month. Check our Calendar.

Well reviewed – Gyles Brandreth doing cabaret and booked for Red House arts venue in Plymouth and Launceston Town Hall, next year.

The Shed’s favourite online discovery, for kids and grandads: Learn Morse Code With A Robot Tutor. This link might work …

Devon expert, Richard Freeman of Bideford Way, is among several Loch Ness watchers persuaded by a new theory of monster – it’s an eel, or maybe a school of eels. They get trapped, go sterile and lose the urge to migrate, goes the theory. They just scavenge and grow and live for many years and fishermen have seen them measuring 15 feet and more.

current local posters – keep them coming:

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