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Former solicitor Stuart Waterworth plays The Reverend Patrick Bronte, father of a brilliant but awkward family comparing notes in 1845, in Bronte, this year’s big production by local players The Tavonians – on a tour of local halls from Saturday Nov 9 to Sat 23. Stuart plays three other parts.

Picture by Maxwell Law, of Maxwell Law Photography, based in Horrabridge.






At first, the new owners of the Magpie Bridge caravan park started warning walkers off crossing their property on the grounds that heavy machines were at work on site reshaping.

Now, it’s simply …


The sign effectively puts an end to the unofficial main path between Horrabridge and the Magpie site. The recorded right of way turns up onto the A386 well before the bridge – at a dangerous place to join the road.  And for some decades,  at least, the landowners concerned have tolerated a few walkers cutting straight through to the Magpie driveway.

The Dartmoor authority is not much interested in any argument over the footpath. It is locked in legal argument with Barton Estates of Plymouth over whether permission is required for a site redevelopment which would effectively fill the space with permanently occupied chalets.  Footpaths, according to the DNPA, if not already mapped, are a matter for Devon County Council.

The county council already has a big job to do, recording historic rights of way before it is too late. It is possible it might consider an application to register a new one. But somebody over this way – ramblers or riders or concerned individuals – would need to put in an effort to supply evidence of local concern and of custom and practice over time.

Phil Webber of Riverside Close sent in the picture, taken last month, and wondered if anyone else cares.  Here in The Shed, we do a bit. It’s a rough old path but it’s one of the last remnants of the valley way along this stretch – and if we were living at Magpie, or visiting Magpie, we might well want to use it.

Late add:

An agent for Barton said:

“My understanding is that the works are on hold pending the outcome of the appeal. I would not expect any decision would be made on site layout or future strategy until the planning status is resolved.

“Once or if the planning status is resolved and as a consequence, any longer term plans could be made I would expect there could be the opportunity for discussion although my understanding is that the former owner was not as accommodating as you suggest in respect of allowing access through the site. ”


Nice Navy story in the Telegraph letters, where the old have been recalling how far back old memories stretched when they were young. A man called Dominic Weston wrote in to say: “My father remembered an elderly diner at his club claiming that his grandfather, as a young midshipman, had been on the deck of HMS Victory at Trafalgar and – in the heat of the battle – had seen Nelson order a powder-monkey: ‘Boy. Tuck in that shirt.’



Thurs Nov 7

Fast movers might still get tickets for Hot Club Of Cowtown at Exeter Phoenix tonight.

Sat Nov 9

Quiz and fundraiser in honour of Chris Tear with the Cavaliers at the school.

Tavonians in Mary Tavy for the opening of their autumn tour.

Sunday Nov 10

Remembrance gatherings at war memorial, church and pub.

Thurs Nov 14

Plymouth Xmas lights switch on.

Comedian Andy Parsons plays Exeter.

Fri Nov 15

Andy Parsons gets to Launceston.

Sat Nov 16

Tavistock Christmas Lights.

And beyond …

Bookings open for Clive Anderson at Launceston March 2020.

And for Mark Thomas at The Red House, Plymouth, February.

Meanwhile, tickets £4 for a drink and entry to …

And also …



PS: Re Cash

Barclays Bank has changed its mind and agreed to continue to authorise use of its cards for cash at Post Office counters, including Horrabridge Stores.

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And finally …

Story of some local interest at the link below – conclusion of a trial involving a gang of bikers who kidnapped a builder who owed one of them money. Police have asked for the victim’s name not to be published. But he was based in Horrabridge at the time …


The police version of the story, which started with a vehicle chase from Roborough Down to Bristol one night two years ago, is at

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