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Back again this Boxing Day, upstream of Cadover Bridge. Police moved in as it was finishing, in mist and mud, on the morning of the 27th. The roads were blocked for hours while they watched everyone go home. A 27-year-old man from Kingskerswell was arrested on suspicion of driving whilst under the influence. An 18-year-old man from Winterslow, Wiltshire, was arrested on suspicion of possession of controlled drugs. A raver told the Plymouth Herald that the event, born in the 90s, was now part of the Extinction Rebellion counter-culture. No word from the police on where the sound system and the drugs were coming from. Call us if you think you know on Horrabridge 854054?

Raves have been a difficult thing for the police to stop ever since the Public Order Act of 1994, which laboriously tried to define what they were and ruled that an officer ranking superintendent or above had to put a banning order in place.



Lee Spencer of the local Marines community is getting the British Empire Medal in this year’s New Year’s Honours list from the Queen, for his fund-raising for the disabled over a number of years – starting even before he lost a leg himself.



Reuben Johnson, chef at the Leaping Salmon since the beginning, is off to London around New Year and will be saying goodbye in the bar from 7.30 this Sunday, Dec 29, while his team rustle up some barbecue and sides. Live music from street musician friend of the local scene. Both pubs heading for big new year parties but the Salmon has been considering closing for a week or two early Jan for a bit of a refit. Meanwhile, all local pubs buzzed healthy over Christmas and the Daily Telegraph recently reported a national recovery in the trade thanks to pubs re-inventing. See The Inspiring Return of the British Pub by Matthew Lynn.



The Minor Injuries Unit at Tavistock Hospital will re-open Monday to Friday, 8-6, from next week, with promises of going back to seven-day operation later.



Watch out for big new pothole in the road between Post Office and Bedford Green corner.



Friday this week was the 40th anniversary of the River Walkham’s biggest remembered flood, in 1979, when it lapped inside the doorway of the Leaping Salmon, flooded front rooms on Chapel Lane and drowned the bridge. Pictures being shared at Horrabridge Memories on Facebook.


West Devon Council has voted to replace all its vehicles with electric ones. Trouble is, as the Green Party candidate pointed out in Tavistock before the election, by the time an electric lorry has been built and a diesel one thrown away, the carbon saving gain has been wiped out before it has happened. All you get is slightly cleaner air. The real achievement would be to drive around less.

Meanwhile, Private Eye magazine has been looking into the latest nonsenses of Defra farming policies, which lately have us all turning good pasture back into woodland. The Eye points out there are many doubts about the terrible danger of cow farts and even more about the good sense of planting trees in bulk, so half of them die young and the rest spread imported diseases.

However, it is easier politics than taxing Christmas trees would be.  And according to a cutting we have here somewhere, a Christmas tree grown and burned is as bad as a flight to America, or something like that.

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