In 2006 census figures said 2115 people in 800 dwellings. In 2011 best estimate was 2129, including about 400 children and about 500 of retirement age – by now spaced out over 990 dwellings. Since then, Walkham Meadows has added another 10 homes and 23 folks.  Shop Meadow about the same? Plus a number of individual developments and rescues. But minus, of course, at least for now, the former residents of Magpie Bridge and their residential units.

Still doing the sums here and interested in yours. Meanwhile, Horrabridge stands out quite clearly as the biggest minor conurbation in this corner of the world: bigger than Yelverton or Princetown, and not that much smaller than Ashburton or Buckfastleigh. Pity we don’t still have their shops, eh?



Parish councils have it in their power to gamble a little on local enterprises now and then and both Horrabridge and Plasterdown councils (and probably Burrator and Buckland too), are coming up to deadlines for applications for a share in a few hundred pounds of support grant funding.

Horrabridge PC ended up short of good ideas to choose from last year and wants to encourage all interested to get applications in now, via the parish clerk, or before the end of January. Plasterdown Council, which covers that edge of Horrabridge, is advertising in the Bridge magazine for applications by January 10 to

From causes with overlapping interest, there is nothing to stop an application to both, and to others.



The new district vicar for the Church of England is the Reverend Andrew Nigel Thomas, who will be coming in from the Somerset side of Exmoor and is expected to lead the team at St John’s Church from the Horrabridge vicarage. He is due for formal promotion from curate to rector in a bishop’s ceremony at St Paul’s Yelverton, on Tuesday March 31 at 7 pm. Watch this space for picture and interview soon.



A Times reader with some medical knowledge wrote in to a debate on the danger of aeroplane air to say: “Having almost died from a chest infection acquired on a flight, I would recommend the following: take a salt water nasal spray and use it frequently (most germs start their infection in the nose and sinuses); second, wear a good mask.”



The Leaping Salmon is closing for a refit and relaunch of the kitchens under new chef from Monday January 5, for just over a fortnight. Reuben Johnson, saying his goodbyes this week, is heading for a London restaurant his brother started – called Clipstone.



Seeking details of any local seed swap days here – please email Meanwhile, we are recommended to this site for old strains of vegetables for small plots –



The Boxing Day rave at Cadover Bridge pulled in some thousands of people, according to the police, including some who had travelled a fair way.

On Monday this week, three days after police moved in, the site looked clean but road closure signs were still up on either side of the bridge – although widely ignored and taken down anyway by evening. Possibly a prank but it’s not clear. Police press office could not comment on road closure decisions.  Nor could it explain exactly how the gathering was illegal, athough no doubt there is something in national park rules.

Word is everyone knows there is nothing the police can do except bust the odd two or three for possession or driving under the influence – which is what happened – and the whole thing is a bit of game. No big-time gangland input. Lots of people have a mobile sound system and they supply their own drugs on the whole. Somebody down the pub will know someone who will send you a text about next year’s. Meanwhile, doesn’t seem the neighbours even noticed much.



Police have appealed for help tracing responsibility for a flytip off Stoke Hill Lane, off the Crapstone corner of Yelverton Common. They can’t give a grid reference but maybe local walkers can find it and share photos of any clues?



Thanks to a reader – bless you all as we move into 2020 – for pointing out another fairly major disruption of Tavistock traffic coming up, for two weeks starting Jan. 13. Devon Highways has announced cobbled crossing repairs on Duke Street and Elbow Lane will take two weeks and traffic will be sent on some pretty elaborate diversions unless drivers know the town centre well enough to cut through it. Seems a lot of disruption for what sounds like a simple job.



Shaking out The Shed’s odds and sods file for a new year, we come across a tip picked up from Robin Armstrong – take time, sometime, to listen to a record called Penguin Eggs by Nic Jones, a friend of his who still lives in Buckland. It was album of the year for a lot of critics in 1980, before the artist got badly smashed up in a crash. We found a smashing guitar sample from it at



Latest idea from West Devon for saving the planet on the rates is to look for ways to impose stringent green standards on all developments – alternative heating systems, double insulation, etc. Here we say ho hum. All these partial solutions are being tried anyway and any more artificial standards are just window-dressing – a way of putting off hard decisions like taxing fuel. Ask Mr Blair and Monsieur Macron how that one goes down.

Here’s a thought from the smoking sheds: One way to reduce the carbon footprint of new housing and produce some local benefit might be to insist on use of local materials. Be interesting to know the fuel costs of granite v concrete?

allfornow ….

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