Our world is shrinking to The Shed itself and project of the week has been giving it a coat of paint on the easterly side. After six years, the treated timber is holding up quite well where it has a bit of hedge for protection but on one wall, facing a sweep to he moor, the grain has been opening and mud and mould taking hold.

It was mainly just a scrubdown to get it clean enough to paint. No primer but we had half a tin of  black Hammerite, some white gloss, some green gloss, some undercoat, some rustproofer for garden furniture … all stirred together made half a bucket of a decent grey. In any DIY store, forty quid’s worth of paint, we told ourselves.

First coat, it was feeling like a lot of work with a brush. Then we discovered a leftover paintpad, an under-rated 1970s invention. And it turned out to be the perfect tool for most of it. We didn’t used to like them, because you couldn’t wash them out. But you can keep em a day or two in clingfilm. Also used to worry about them being drippy. But once you are used to it, it’s a fast way of moving paint.

Filled some of the big cracks with standard filler and the second coating, mainly with a brush, was a pleasure. About a litre left over for next year, if we’re not tempting fate. A few crunchy bits at the bottom of the tub but they will mash up with a bit of turps. And we can clear about eight cans out of The Shed.

The paint handling was a reminder of the shed rule that the first tool of painting is paint rags. We had to tear up a new bagful for this job and thought again that we would pay £1 for a bag of paint rags any time. Be more appealing to most of us than a Big Issue?



Made an error last week in reporting state of play between school, football club, council and FA and everyone, over pitch use. If you didn’t catch up on it, see corrected version …




Still dunno. But here’s a bet. Korea, Germany, Sweden, USA, UK, will all end up in about the same position by the end of the summer. We are reminded of a cartoon strip where three men with a cold go through their different routines day by day. One goes for inhalations and orange juice, another for pills and potions. The third man just works through five boxes of Kleenex and several wastebaskets. Fifth day, they all go back to work.


Just a thought –  when this virus got going the wisdom was that it depended on winter and would not like hot and dry, which is what we now have. Is that working at all? If the lockdown was to be relaxed, our vote would be for allowing people to have small gatherings in their gardens – only without using hoses.



Enjoyed Hugo Rifkind writing about Germany:

“I do not think I have ever seen mud, because to be in the countryside in Germany is no excuse for poor drainage. The deep south west, where we go most often, is cycling country. Until, a few years ago most people on bikes were trim pensioners. Then somebody invented the electric bicycle and they turned into fat pensioners.”


That’s all for now, really. Except for The Shed Clearance …

To arrange doorstep pick-up for anything below, call 854054. Promise a fiver to the Horrabridge Lockdown Fund and that’ll do.

* Professional weight tile cutter.

* Dartboard and some best 1970s darts in good condition.

* Long-handled electric hedge lopper – handy tool but you need to be young and strong to wield it well.

* Two propellors for old Seagull outboard.

* Nice solid old bike chain tool with forge name Bennant or Pennant.

* Office-weight two-hole paper puncher.

The bicycle chain link removal tool …

What have you got? Send a list and contact details to

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