1. Council Meets In Cyberspace

Horrabridge Parish Council had a decent go at an online meeting on Tuesday, using the conferencing app Zoom to video-talk from their homes, with parish clerk Shane Honey at the controls.

Six councillors and five observers tuned in and the council got through a short agenda, mainly on village maintenance matters, with a couple of hiccups – one councillor unable to get heard and chairman Eric Hemsil lost for 10 minutes mid-meeting.

Paul Beard said he had never seen the allotments looking so tidy and the clerk said demand was healthy. Rent for 12 months from April fixed at £42.21 a plot, £21.10 for a half-plot. Notice period for evictions settled at one month. Mike Huda said West Devon Council had done an excellent job of arranging a grant which would keep the London Inn afloat until further notice. He also said he had needed to practically dig up Fillace Lane to deal with the weed growth which was sprouting everywhere off-road. The council approved purchase of a big tub of weedkiller. Fencing between pavilion carpark and playing fields given priority go-ahead. Church clock repair put on ice.

Council is liaising with Team Horrabridge – set up by Liv Dunn and the youth club – over caring for the vulnerable. Bank account for the emergency fund still being sorted out but meanwhile, online donations can be made at …




Along with MacDonalds and other food chains, The Chippie is open again this Thursday, Friday, Saturday, 12-2 and 4.30-8. Pick-ups at the counter but no waiting at the counter and only three customers inside at any one time. London Inn trying a takeaway menu this Friday and Saturday 4.30 to 8, with £1 to village emergency fund from every order. Pick up via carpark entrance. Walkhampton Inn still delivering. But so far, everybody is still on things with chips.


There is a useful list of grocery delivery services for this area at this link …




Professional snapper Max Law, usually working the holiday camps at this time of year but currently isolated back at home in Horrabridge, has set out to chronicle the village’s lockdown summer, as far as he can do it with a long lens.


Some of his first shots follow. Make an appointment to catch him at your window, door or gate, by emailing maxwelllawphotography@gmail.com/

Or call Chris Benfield on 854054.

Fred Andrews and Rachel Smith, holding the fort at the Leaping Salmon, having a morning cuppa before hitting the veg patch – fresh from giving each other a haircut.


Paul Bosacki with his great wall of Horrabridge in the background – “I’m trying to finish my site but even buying stone is difficult.”


Ellis “Egg” Taylor of Dartmoor Pond Services, walking Claude before going to work – “I can’t get anything delivered, but I can dig on my own.”



Ridiculous fuss got up in the rest of the media about nurses at Tavistock doing a haka against The Virus . You might want to have a look though –



Except for The Shed Clearance

To arrange doorstep pick-up for anything below, call 854054. Promise a fiver to Team Horrabridge and that’ll do.

* Professional weight tile cutter.

* Dartboard and some best 1970s darts in good condition.

* Long-handled electric hedge lopper – handy tool but you need to be young and strong to wield it well.

* Two propellors for old Seagull outboard.

* Nice solid old bike chain tool with forge name Bennant or Pennant.

* Office-weight two-hole paper puncher.

What have you got? Send a list and contact details to newsdesk@horrabridgetimes.net/


nowthatsreallyit …

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