There was a bit of a buzz about last week’s rainbows asĀ  some kind of omen of hope and this picture by Max Law summed up the drama of it as seen from here – a double swoosh against a steel sky, from in amongst the river cottages by the bridge. Maxwell Law Photography still at work on lockdown summer … tell us your situation at or call 854054.

The Dartmoor Repair Shop list is under way and we are looking for leather workers. Had some good work done ourselves, on a bag, at Polly Perkins in Tavistock, and for a jacket repair, we’ve been recommended to Crafty Cow of Plymouth, who in normal times works from a van every other Sunday or so at a bikers cafe near Liskeard, The Chequered Flag. Anybody doing the same thing closer? Also currently chasing up blacksmiths and clock repairs.

Notes From The Shed:

Paint is one of the things we should have stockpiled. With a couple of jobs lined up, we glanced through a list of professional tips from Popular Mechanics

1) Fill and fill and sand sand sand.

2) Tint your primer if you are not finishing in white.

3) Use quality masking tape and press down edges with a putty knife.

4) For glossing big areas, use a conditioner like Floetrol, which “extends” the paint and smooths out brush strokes and overlaps.

5) Before painting along the edge of a textured ceiling, run a screwdriver along the top of the wall to make a tiny channel to cut into.

6) If you need more than one can of paint, mix them in a bucket first.

7) Wash rollers before first use.

8) Load your brush, don’t scrape off all the paint you have lifted.

What’s the wildlife up to round yer? The Shed has a cutting from somewhere about the seagulls of Rome, deprived of pizza crusts and chips, being seen taking cats, rats, swallows and blackbirds.

Cartoon of the week …

allfornow …

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