Somebody has given the bridge a mighty whack in a sensitive place, low down in one of the parapets. Doesn’t look immediately like a structural problem from the road side and in the old days, a bit of concreting would probably have done for another hundred years. But it’s a listed monument and Dartmoor National Park would send in the airforce. Also, latest from council chairman Eric Hemsil, it looks like a stone has been dislodged into the river from the outer skin.

Parish council will report to Devon County, who seem to be responsible. Accident was probably last weekend and any information about it would be interesting, at least.

By the way, for all concerned, the parish council is now set up for banking by internet, after a tormented week of learning process.


Here’s another one for Dartmoor National Park. How come we have a situation where trippers are moving as normal but all their toilets are shut and so are the pubs? Toilet hygiene is, of course, absolutely essential to virus control but it’s not rocket science and some sort of plan other than leaving people to go in the bushes would be nice?


Noticed on Facebook …

We are currently on the look out for properties for sale for a relative in the Horrabridge / Yelverton / Dousland area. No flats! If you are considering selling please contact (07960)106476 or email helenneal
It would be a cash buyer with no chain awaiting. Thank you.


Said in one:

Libby Purves, in The Times, is scathing about the RNLI attempt to stop people going to the beaches because lifeguards have not worked out a safe way to rescue people.

She said today: “If becoming a local authority safety contractor has diluted the RNLI’s old sense of mission, it is sad.”


Watch out for …

Savannah Cats, said to be terrorising other cats and the odd child in posh London. Turns out they are an approved breed, crosses of a domestic cat and an African cerval, bigger than anything else in the back gardens jungle. You’ll want a picture and we need one:


Goggleboxer on lockdown tv …

Alaska The Last Frontier is the best of what seem to be hundreds of programmes cashing in on a canny tax break by the Alaskan government and the fact that it is kind of a last frontier as seen from New York, a bit like the Scillies from here.

There is a lot of debate about how “real” the homesteading Kilcher family are. They have been living in cahoots with a film crew for the past six years and the grandad of the Swiss-descended clan is a showbiz-savvy producer who had a daughter run away to become a pop star, called Jewel. But one of her problems was his insistence on living like a pioneer – which, as the programme makes clear, is hard and dangerous, even with a sawmill, an earthmover, a tractor, a barge and various other tools left over from the last century.

The city of Anchorage is not far away but they ignore it. They shoot bears and moose, raise cows and fish, knock up cabins, lay waterlines, roads and bridges, and do nearly all their own fixing and mending as they go. It’s a DIYers dream world, only with regular reminders that dreams can quickly become nightmares.

They are all amazingly skilled, charming and wise. We get it on a channel called DMAX.


And that’s allfornow …

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