Dartmoor planners have cleared the way for 11 new houses at Leg O Mutton, with an access road from the A386.

Application number 0018/20 is still marked pending on the DNPA website but the planning committee approved the development last Friday, conditional on a certain amount of rubber stamping and negotiations over affordability and donations to public space etcetera.

The central building of Devonia House, formerly a 27-berth nursing home, will be demolished and rebuilt as two two-bedroom maisonettes and the grounds will be filled with six three-bedroom houses and three two-bed houses laid out in small terraces, with a new driveway to the main road more or less opposite the exit of Grange Road to the A386. Most of the objections were about the highway impact but Devon Highways seems to think an acceptable deal can be done. The other main objections were loss of a care facility and loss of a nice building, but the agents for the deal argued that neither was particularly important locally. Buckland Monachorum Council agreed.

There is also the argument that Yelverton is under pressure to build more houses and this deal might take the pressure off greenfield sites.

The new hamlet will not alter the population of that corner much but it has been calculated it will add 2.75 primary pupils and 1.65 secondary places to demand for education in the area.


Did you know you can buy Devon caviar?

Food writer and artist Natacha Du Pont De Bie tells the story in this poster on her recipes and kitchenalia website at


Have you got a lighter like this?

This one is an imitation of the classic Imco lighter, an Austrian model which sold a billion before Zippo cornered the market in cheap bomb-proof petrol lighters. There used to be one in everyone’s odds and sods drawer. There are some variations on the pattern in the picture but what matters is the Imco stamp. Drop one in The Shed’s letterbox, the US mailbox opposite the Walkhampton Road sign on church corner, and we’ll donate a fiver to the village crisis fund.


Goggleboxer on lockdown tv …

Kim’s Convenience is a little gem: set in a Toronto corner shop run by Mr and Mrs Kim, from Korea, and frequented by a wonderful cast of characters of all colours and creeds, including their son and daughter. They play out the comedy of culture clash from all angles and the writers have endless fun with the agonies of their son’s nice but very white girlfriend, trying to run a car valeting yard in a woke way. Some of the jokes could only be written by a Korean, especially about the Chinese, but it is all somehow very British. Mr & Mrs Kim could have been born in 1950s England and their brusque dismissals of modern nonsense are a delight. Only 20 minutes an episode, on Netflix, and you’ll want another.

Allfornow …

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