Parish council this week agreed to spend up to £6,000 fixing four new picnic tables in Weir Park.

Cllr Steve Roche voted against adding more clutter to the park – and chairman Eric Hemsil abstained, “not happy” from the same angle. But the majority attending Tuesday’s online meeting agreed with London Inn manager Mike Huda that making the park an attractive place for picnics would “move the village forward” in response to changing times. Cllr Huda said he saw an uncertain year ahead, at least, in terms of pub provision.

He and two other councillors identified eight places around the perimeter which could take a table with circular seating without, they thought, interfering with arena events like the church fair. But concrete footings would probably cost at least £525 for each and the recycled plastic tables are priced at £700 each, although there might be a discount for several. The compromise agreed was to order four and negotiate up to a ceiling of £6,000 all-in. Cllr Huda said he would do repairs on two existing tables himself.


Another neighbourhood development, adding 44 houses to Yelverton, has been moving forward and an initial public consultation is nearly over.

Dartmoor National Park Authority has an overall housing plan, waiting to be approved, which marks the site at Binkham Hill, right of the road to Princetown, as suitable for housing development. And the developers are offering some “affordable” homes and a contribution to a new cycle path, which a lot of councillors are keen on. So things could move quickly once the planners start catching up with their backlog.

The separate Devonia House development, reported last week, will not include any subsidised housing, because of a planning exemption identified by the developers, which improves the chances of Binkham Hill going through unless any opposition gets organised.

Comments on this one are invited, before the end of June, at

A spokesman said: “It’s still early days. We are inviting people to help us come up with the right design but there will still have to be a planning application with its own public consultation.”

Artist’s impression of the proposed estate …


Pictured below by Damian Bird is Ken Watson of Middle Merripit Farm, Postbridge. The photographer followed his and other Dartmoor farming families for a year for a new 500-picture book, Farming Dartmoor, £20 from The Bookshop, Tavistock, or or phone: 07808 589311.


PS from The Shed: While ago, we were looking for typewriter repair locally. Eventually found a man Truro way, Roy Lilly, 07774 244281, and got just the job done on two old machines – one of them now worth quite a bit, it turns out. He is now on our Repair Shop list. Anyone know anyone closer?

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  1. I would have thought Mike’s comments about ‘moving forward ‘ is more urbanisation of the village.It could probably encourage more cars to the area and then you have another parking issue.

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