lorry madness, quantum catalyzers and why pubs need to open backwards

Fuss of the week

This picture of a lorry taking on the bridge last weekend – with tanker waiting behind –  got the village going on Horrabridge Noticeboard – and has prompted a new effort to put a weight restriction on the bridge.

Complaints are in to Devon County Council about the risk posed by satnav instructions which treat it as a reasonable shortcut for all comers.

Somebody took a picture of the numberplate of this poor blighter but as things stand, he did nothing wrong. However, parish council will make sure his haulage company is notified of the risk of the route.

We did try contacting OOCL, whose name was on the side of the load.

Got a polite response from Mr Mark Wong of the Orient Overseas Customer Line in Hong Kong, saying it might be their shipping container but they signed it over to the customer at port so could not say who was trucking it where.


Scam of the week

Gave us a chuckle, here in The Shed, to read a report in Computeractive magazine on a £283 widget being sold with the claim it can protect against 5G radiation.

The 5GBioshield is said to use “quantum holographic catalyzer technology” to “restore the coherence of the geometry of the atoms, which allows a perfect induction for life forces, by creating a cardiac coherence via plasmic support and interactivity”.

Nice one.

Computeractive says: “Security experts say it is a basic 128GB stick with an engraved crystal holder and should cost no more than £5.”

But we can’t help thinking that the invention of quantum holographic catalyzer technology is arguably worth the extra £278.


Shopping news

Tavistock Pannier Market will start a phased re-opening in a fortnight, on Thursday July 2.

Initially opening on Thursdays, Fridays & Saturdays, 9am – 3pm, with one entry at the Bedford Square end of the building and one exit point, with sanitising stations on each.

Council says: “We do ask that customers do not shop in groups and are respectful of social distancing measures. Access to the public toilets will be from the east end exterior of the building.”

Meanwhile, back home, Wildwood Arts has re-opened for visitors by appointment – one household at a time.


Missing the pub

The pubs are still waiting for better signals before they try re-opening. They are right to argue that there is no point in a pub where two metres of social distance is required by law.

Meanwhile, here in The Shed, what we miss most is the smokers’ corners.

In the smoking shed, yard, or doorway, the madness of the world is analysed nightly from a random selection of angles and some sort of common wisdom sometimes emerges. Politicians are all for a pint at the bar but not many of them nowadays join the smokers, which is a shame.

Out there, none of us can stop coughing as it is and we’re all doomed anyway. Somehow, for the sake of the nation, we must gather again.

allfornow …

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