LAUNCESTON MUTINEERS PICTURE & Horrabridge news roundup


An investor from the Black Country has failed to get a quick go-ahead from Dartmoor planners to turn a factory shell near the sewage works on the Walkham into cottages, for sale or rent.

At first, this week, it looked as if the DNPA had ruled in favour of accountant Ian Kingett of Kingetts of Halesowen, who picked up the forest plot and the remains of an the old sausage casing factory called Magpie Mill in an auction some years ago.

He got permission to turn the factory into offices and argued that he did not need permission to switch to housing.

He thinks the odd smell is a trivial problem and that there would be takers for houses there.

The DNPA last week published a ruling headlined Prior Approval Not Required – which looked like meaning he could go ahead if he wanted.

But the detail of the decision makes clear that the DNPA has an objection in reserve, based on a Town & Country Planning Order of 2015, and that in its opinion Mr Kingett must either appeal or submit a fresh application.

Horrabridge is the nearest settlement and much of the site is in Horrabridge parish but the building site itself is in Whitchurch and the parish council there has raised concerns about increased traffic down the track the sewage lorries use, running from the A386 on the Tavistock side of Bedford Bridge.



Last week we reported on a fascinating new book by Kate Werran and Pen & Sword Publishing, Mutiny In The Duchy, about black American troops opening fire on their own military police in Launceston in 1943.

This picture was taken during a break in court martial proceedings in Paignton, where the 14 accused of mutiny and many other charges were treated kindly for a few days, for probably the first and last time in their lives. Afterwards, they were extradited and broken in the American prison system.

Picture belongs to Mirrorpix/Reach Licensing and is reproduced here with their permission.



Robin Armstrong, the painting machine of Sortridge, has turned out several originals on this theme of waning moonlight against birch in recent weeks and sold them all. But he can always do another if you want one.



The Times, a week ago, ran the following announcement, reproduced with family permission …

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We’re working on a directory of village businesses for a new guidebook. Latest addition is:

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Weather permitting, the Horrabridge Boot Sale will be back on this Sunday afternoon, August 30, on the Fillace Park playing fields. The Shed has been having a clear-out and we expect to have a table of collectable tools and old petrol lighters there.



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