Serenity Coarse Fishing is a new local day out, already attracting the attention of competitive anglers and families with picnics alike.

It is made up of three beautifully matured ponds which were created 20 years ago, by a farmer draining some swamp on his land, near Lamerton – one of the sources of the Lumburn, which runs down to the Tavy.

He stocked them with some fish and others found their way there in the mysterious ways that fish do, washed down hills by rain and carried as eggs on birds’ feet and so on.

But the project got abandoned and the pools were left untouched while the vegetation around them grew to the point they were more or less inaccessible. The five-acre plot was sold on a couple of times and  builder Martin Rodgers accidentally found himself the owner, a few years ago, with a mortgage on the land to pay off and time on his hands while he recovered from a spell of bad health.

   Martin Rodgers and a sample of the Lamerton catches so far …

The ground was a challenge and the planning process took two years. But the water was lovely – and home to thriving families of three kinds of carp, plus bream, roach, dace, gudgeon and tench, and at least one pike in each pool.

The landscaping is now more or less done and the result prompted the Serenity name.

The opening had to wait on Covid restrictions but a steady trickle of anglers has been checking the venue out for the past two months and Mr Rodgers reckons none has had a blank day. Catches include an 18-pound-plus common carp, a 4-plus bream and a 2-plus roach. And when we called on Monday this week, one of the pike had just taken somebody’s hook and wire trace for a run before bending a clip to pull it off the line.

Barbless hooks is one rule. Catch and return is another. No keep nets and there are some rules about ground-baiting. Otherwise, you can fish how you like, subject to the general message summed up on this notice …

The pools are divided into just 10 swims for rent, meaning you get either a third of one or half of one for your ticket, and your ticket covers no more than two rods. Mr Rodgers says: “That is all I am allowed by the planning permission and it is all I ever want, guaranteed. Some fishing lakes, you are just about bumping elbows.

He is still working on his access plans. Meanwhile, he has an arrangement with a neighbour for parking and he is on site from 7.30 am daily to ferry visitors and their kit to and from the carpark. Take the Launceston road to the Carr’s Garage crossroads, PL19 8SD, then go 200 yards towards Lifton and Serenity Coarse Fishing is signposted on the right. It’s on Facebook. But what you mostly need is Martin’s mobile – 07974 129497. He is on site from 7.30 am daily until dusk.

Basic price per fisher is £10 a day, £6 a half day, but there are various family deals including £65 for a whole pool for a day.  Just looking round is fine but call to fix.

Mr Rodgers, 71, is a County Antrim man who moved his family away from the troubles of 35 years ago, built a big garage doors business from Camelford and now lives in Launceston.

He said: “I grew up catching salmon and trout with a fly and this is a whole new game, but I’m learning and I’m loving it.

“The pike were introduced to keep the fry down, apparently, but now they’re big enough to take grown carp too and I’ll probably move them on when we have the ponds netted, this November, to find out exactly what we’ve got.”

He is only a mile from Milemead Fisheries, charging similar prices, but reckons there is enough business for them both.

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