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The question is addressed in a new Book Of Round Yer, being published by The Shed. This is the entry – unless you can help us make it more accurate?

Horrabridge has long been quite a big village, more or less a town when it had all its own shops and services and most of the neighbours were only hamlets.

In 1865, at the height of the mining boom, Horrabridge was reported to be a village of 1233 souls.

In 1891, with mining running down and emigration to the USA and New Zealand common, it was reckoned at 792 souls. In 1901 a census found 850. In 1950 it was probably about the same, but in only a couple of hundred houses..

But by then there was a population at Plasterdown Camp. Was that included in Horrabridge figures? And in the 1970s the Ministry of Defence started building “the army houses”. In 1975. the population was 2,500.

In 2006,with the MoD housing privatised and Plasterdown Camp demolished, census figures said 2115 people in 800 dwellings. In 2011 best estimate was 2129, including about 400 children and about 500 of retirement age – by now spaced out over 990 dwellings. Since then, Walkham Meadows has added another 10 homes and 23 folks. Shop Meadow had 15 people in five houses when it opened 2019. Plus a number of individual developments and rescues. But some are second homes. And we are minus, at least for now, a dozen former residents of Magpie Bridge. So call it evens on ups and downs and 2115 people in 1000 housing units is probably about right.

In the Dartmoor park list of population centres, it stands out quite clearly as the biggest minor conurbation in this corner of the world: bigger than Yelverton or Princetown, and not that much smaller than Ashburton or Buckfastleigh. If we still had the shops, Horrabridge could call itself Second City of South West Dartmoor?



Youth club market still doing what it can and back again this Saturday, 10 to 11.30.

Still a month to go before the Horrabridge Community Association agm but submissions for the agenda, on use of the school hall, need to be got in now.

The Shed has written to Horrabridge PC, suggesting the Environment Agency be asked to take one sign down for every new one they put in at the weir. Any support for that?

Plasterdown Parish Council, dealing with a swathe of village border from Whitchurch to Sampford, needs a new councillor and will be considering any applications at its next meeting, Weds. Nov. 18. Contact

The Nuthatch lives its whole life within a mile of the tree it was born in. Thanks to The Times for that information. And thanks to Max Law for this picture of a nuthatch with a PL20 postcode

Max used a heavy old fixed focus 600mm Canon lens he calls Big Bertha – “now pretty obsolete in terms of size and weight but I am always confident the quality will come through.

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