Horrabridge Parish Council will Zoom together again next Tuesday, for an online meeting open to all interested, with some difficult jobs on the agenda.

One is the organisation of Remembrance Sunday, on November 8, in line with government guidelines and subject to county council approval because a normal gathering at the memorial crossroads means getting road closure permission.

The other is to look ahead to having to balance the books next year. A gradual re-opening of the village hall has begun, for yoga classes, but there is every chance of another lockdown and meanwhile income is badly down already.



Too soon to say if the pubs will have to take another blow in the name of fighting the virus but it looks horribly possible as we go to press.

Meanwhile, they all limp on, but the collecting of names of customers is likely to lead sooner or later to a contact warning which will spread round them all.

Meanwhile, West Devon is still getting off relatively lightly in terms of confirmed cases but the spread of the virus is becoming visible.

The Original Pasty House, in the centre of Tavistock, discovered late last Saturday night that one of its staff had been in contact with a Coronavirus carrier while on holiday elsewhere in the UK. The affected person had been back at work for two days.

Six staff who had worked closely with that person were told to stay isolated for a fortnight and others came in to help with a deep clean starting before midnight on the Saturday and ending in the early hours of Monday morning, when the shop was cleared for re-opening, with extra precautions including more than halving the number of tables in the restaurant. Fresh staff were called in from a sister branch in Plymouth and everyone has been working extra shifts to keep the business going.

The original suspect was quickly found to be infected. But by Tuesday afternoon, the rest had been declared apparently clear, although still required to isolate.

Business director Nigel Eadie, who started the shop 17 years ago, with his wife, Janet, said: “The safety of staff and customers has been and remains our number one priority. We have followed the government guidelines precisely.”

So far, we are unable to find out how many other retail premises have had a case in West Devon but trader gossip says at least one other takeaway food outlet has been caught up in the track-and-trace system.



As mentioned here last week, Plasterdown Council, which represents Sampford and Whitchurch parishes, and some parts of the borders with Horrabridge, is looking for another volunteer member. We should have said that the vacancy is for the Whitchurch Ward and the qualifications should include being on the electoral roll there or working there or living within three miles of the parish boundary. Contact before the end of this month.



This Sunday, October 11, the Butchers Hall in Tavistock will host an Upcycled Market selling clothes, furniture, jewellery and so on, made from materials which have had a previous life. It was originally scheduled for March and there are hopes of making it a regular event.



Here in The Shed, we enjoyed some discussion in The Times of German expressions for a bit of a wimp, starting with sitzpinkler – meaning a man who sits down for a wee.

Turns out there are a number of coinages on similar lines, including

Schattenparker, roughly meaning he who carefully parks in the shade
Warmduscher –
doesn’t like cold showers

Sockenschläfer sleeper in socks

Damenradfahrer – women’s bike rider

Jeansbügler – jeans-ironer

Chefwitzlacher he who laughs at the boss’s jokes


Zebrastreifenbenutzer – Zebra-crossing user

and that’s all for now …

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  1. I loved the “Gerlisch”! While the paternal side of my family comes from Bere Alston, my Mother’s family is German, with a sprinkling of Swiss. Some decades ago, I drove a Karmann Ghia, to which I added “Gerlisch” labels on the dash, including ‘Schmoke-gedunke,’Glimmer-blinken’ and Drizzel-flippen.’ A German Watch and Clockmaker friend, who has lived in America for over 50 years, upon occasion, reverts to German wording, when he isn’t able to find an appropriate English word. And, swearing in German, with it’s gutteral sounds, can be most effective!

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