The Methodist Church has applied to Dartmoor NPA for clearance of its plans to refurbish the old chapel on Graybridge Road and turn it back into a working part of the heart of the village.

Coronavirus has slowed things down a bit but the plan is still moving ahead and the application to Dartmoor planners is the last of the formalities in terms of construction consultation, although discussion on exactly how to use the building will continue. Decision expected before year end. But then there is still some fund-raising to do.

The application summary says: “Refurbishment including changes to external layout, demolition and replacement of WC and Store wing and construction of a new entrance lobby.”

The new entrance would be a glass corridor into a new front door and that will probably be the matter of most concern to the planners, in view of listed building obligations.

Horrabridge Parish Council has until October 29 to express an opinion and will discuss it online at a planning meeting on Tuesday October 27, for immediate notification to DNPA. The rest of us have til November 5.

No documents have been posted on the DNPA website yet but they should be up before the weekend – case 0473/20.

Meanwhile, find our last summary of the story HERE



The parish council agreed to try to enforce some distancing on the Remembrance Sunday gathering but not to try and cancel it.

There will be no official parade up the main street and no official road closure permission applied for. The ceremonies will be performed on Station Road above the memorial and spectators will be asked to stay on Walkhampton Road corner if they need to be there. But they are asked to stay away if possible.

All this subject to any new instructions which might have to be taken into account.

Combined Services awaiting national advice on guidance to members but will supply a wreath and a bugler as usual.

After the wreath-laying, at 11 am on November 8, it is currently planned to hold the usual Remembrance service in the church, but the church says it can take no more than 30 people, by invitation only, and invitation places are more or less filled.



The seven councillors who attended the HPC meeting this week were unanimous that solar-powered lights installed on a grave in the cemetery must be removed and asked for publicity for their strict policy against anything more than a headstone and flowers.



The village hall now has yoga on Mondays and can take another booking for Fridays. Agreed to offer space for a painting class to one potential customer. Special cleaning and kit in preparation for re-opening have cost around £500.

The council put some non-urgent maintenance work on hold but agreed to spend £400 or so on timber for repairing benches and tables all round the village, after Cllr Mike Huda said he would do the joinery.

Chairman Eric Hemsil said if nothing got better, the council could be heading for a £10,000 deficit by the end of the 21-22 financial year. They had to start reining in – and consider asking for a council tax rise to cover inflation at least. They had to tell West Devon what they wanted by end of January.

Mike Huda gave notice that he would oppose any rise.

Devon county councillor Philip Sanders said he could probably fix grants for the bench timber and for a fireproof safe for the parish office. And he would ask if parish councils might get a share in a relief grant for district authorities, just announced.

After the public meeting, the councillors went into a closed session to discuss “village duties performed on a temporary basis” – meaning the vacancy for a handyman to replace Tom Dooley.



An American diplomat called Jim Messina, interviewed by a Westminster magazine called Mace, recalled with amusement a visit to Number 10 when David Cameron broke out some beers he had got in especially for his American guests – Budweiser.

No one in America drinks that stuff, he said.

“Well, almost no one,” commented the Times Diary. “A survey last year found Budweiser was the tipple of choice among drunk Americans in A & E.”

We’re getting some in.


and that’s all for now …

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