In response to national demand for a newspaper which isn’t full of what you cannot do this weekend, the Horrabridge Times has decided to be it.

But we can offer some notes from The Shed, where we read em all so you don’t have to.

* Devonshire Pale Ale, from Black Tor Brewery at Christow, near Moretonhampstead, picked up a Best In Show at the World Beer Awards. It is normally stocked by Walkhampton Inn, Warren House and Royal Oak at Meavy. Meanwhile, you can get it delivered from www.

* Emma Duncan wrote a lockdown diary for The Times which included experimenting with her dog’s diet. Two weeks of cooked dog food and two weeks of raw. Dog unchanged, she reports, but it blowed off less with the raw.

* Straws in the wind being reported by other papers as favourable to revival of the Tavistock-Exeter rail links but cost of a new line across Dartmoor would be something ridiculous like £100 million a mile. Been trying to find out what the old one cost when it was originally built, from local materials, in the 19th century. Can anyone help?

* Diaries Of A Devon Hill Farmer is the next presentation by the Devonshire Association, Friday November 20. You can watch it on Zoom by logging in via

* Plymouth Evening Herald had a feature on the Commandments Stones at Buckland Beacon.

They were commissioned in 1928 by a Protestant landowner celebrating a House of Commons vote against using the Church of England’s new Book Of Common Prayer, which was thought to have traces of “Papism” still in it.

He hired a local stonemason to spend five weeks living in a hut on the tor, chiselling away all day on the Ten Commandments, plus some of his other favourite quotes.

* Alison Hernandez, the police commissioner for Devon & Cornwall, is inviting everyone to send her an email saying what they think about policing under her direction so far. To take the opportunity, click the following link –

* Village cheered up no end by beautiful big poppies in the local shops, made and donated by Jennie Youngs and her sewing network, who have been busy all summer on brightening up the crisis.

* Going over our draft calculation on village population, for a new book, we revised it upwards a bit as follows …

In 2011 best estimate was 2129, spaced out over 990 dwellings. Since then, Walkham Meadows has added another 10 homes and 23 folks. Shop Meadow had 15 people in five houses when it opened 2019. Plus a number of individual developments and rescues. But some are second homes. So call it 38 up in new houses and evens on refurbishments versus second homes and that puts the total up to 2167. We lost a dozen permanent residents of the former caravan park at Magpie Bridge but there must be as many new full-timers already in the new development.

So, Horrabridge pop. 2170 seems to be a good guess. Might easily be 2,200. Who can think of a way of counting?

* News resumes next week, we hope. Meanwhile, that’s all for now, except for a cartoon of the week, from Ramirez of Las Vegas …

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