With another works coming up on the potholes of Commercial Road, we asked Devon County Highways for an explanation of the situation and got this –

We have been carrying out two sets of work on this road, one to investigate the drainage issues and one to do some resurfacing works. The drainage investigation scheme was completed in August this year, and this has enabled us to determine what the problem is. The scheme starting on January 4th is to fix the problem. Ideally we would have liked to do the drainage and surfacing works at the same time, but with different contractors this is not easy to co-ordinate.

In response to our own suggestion, that old-style cobbles or setts might drain better, the statement said –

“We don’t use cobbles anymore because they are noisy and can be dangerous, and do not cope well with contemporary traffic volumes and vehicle sizes. They are not a good surface for pedestrians, cyclists or horse riders; they polish easily so they do not provide sufficient skid resistance for vehicles,; and they can be torn out, presenting a general hazard.”



London Inn, Salmon and Walkie, most other locals, all re-opening up to a point, bless their socks, but subject of course to:

1 book ahead

2 everyone has to sit down and eat, hungry or not

3 no tables for more than one household

4 and early closing.

Cheers all.



Some local outlets now taking orders for collection for A Book Of Round Yer, a collection of essays and pictures from a Horrabridge angle, due out this weekend. The Book Stop in Tavistock will also stock it. And we can do mail order and take credit cards and Paypal through the link below, although it’s £2 for postage on top of the £5 cover price until we find a better system. Call 01822 854054 to make local pick-up arrangements.

Get it online at this link: Horrabridge Times Store



Horrabridge Parish Council has a finance meeting tonight, Thursday December 3, to discuss budgets, in view of the resumed lockdown. Village hall income is not going to recover in time to prevent a deficit.



The actor Viggo Mortensen has a new film out which tries to explain the world from the point of view of a dementia sufferer rather than his carers. It is a subject he has some experience of and he offers this advice on dealing with “confusion” …

“The person who has dementia is not confused unless you correct them, which is almost always a mistake. Don’t tell them the person they are talking about actually died 20 years ago. For what? They die again for them? And if they are still in that in-between stage, where they can come in and out of it, they realise they have said something stupid and feel bad. You have to examine why you need to correct them.”



The Environment Agency moved in quietly at some point last month and put their new warning signs on the top and sides of the fish ladder – fluorescent yellow and blue, so they are visible as soon as you turn into Weir Park from the playing fields end. Here in The Shed, we all agree they are horrible.

Everybody behaved perfectly logically. The parish council drew EA attention to the risk of people behaving stupidly and the EA did everything it could to avoid the possibility of a law suit one of these days. But the new warning sign it first promised has turned into four and with all the old signs still in place, the approach to the bridge from upstream now looks like the entrance to the Mersey Tunnel.

It should now be possible to use the Comment box again and we’d like to hear your views on this one.


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