Took a while to get it but with help from Eric Hemsil, we have the beginnings of a map of village grit bins, which might be a bit useful as soon as tomorrow morning (Friday).

The parish council gritter is stuck until the council can fix new manning for it – to be discussed next Tuesday.

Meanwhile some neighbourhoods have made some voluntary effort in recent weeks and that looks like the only way of alleviating big freeze mornings for the meanwhile.

Devon Highways is obliged to keep the bins topped up but recently announced that from now on, it will only do it when notified of the need by parish council or citizen. The council could do with a network of bin monitors. Each bin probably has a number and a number to call. There is a map of them on the Devon County Council site, although it appears to be out of date.

Attempting to show it here …

Missing from this map are bins opposite the school and in Walkham Meadows.

Others are located in Pencreber Road at the junction with Caradon Court, on Graybridge Road at the Torbridge corner, at the entrance to Manor Estate and at the top corner of the estate, Phoenix Close, St John’s Road, Weir Park corner, and Old School Road. Do us a favour and email with any more and we’ll try to get a proper map put together. For the future, new bins might be organised if the village can show that volunteers will make good use of them. We’ve already suggested Church Corner.

HPC is still trying to get Devon Highways to include Walkhampton Road as far as the school on its main routes map for gritting by lorry.

To see the map, go to the empty bin reporting page at

Takes a minute to load. Hit Continue and enter a local postcode in Location Search, then Enter and you can zoom in a little.



Devon Police say scammers are sending out fake vaccination appointment texts which take you to a page asking for name, address and banking details. Also fake links for Covid compensation funds and fines for breaching lockdown.

For reporting the scammers, we are advised to go to:

Which we would be more likely to do, of course, if we ever heard of one of the b……s being caught.



All of a sudden everyone seems to be involved in some hard lockdown challenge – Dry January, Veganuary, Learning Japanese, etcetera. Here in The Shed, somebody has proposed Beef February and we might give that a go.

Hank Wangford, country singer persona of a London doctor, once got a tv commission to track down the last real cowboys – mainly by then in South America. In Argentina he and the crew adapted to a local diet of steak, steak, liver and steak. After three weeks, he reported: “Our skin was clear, our eyes were bright, our breath was sweet. And we never broke wind.”

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  1. There is a grit bin on the corner of Fillace Park where it meets Walkhampton road opposite entrance to park

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